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First Place
Paul Hansen
Dagens Nyheter

Second Place
Damon Winter
The New York Times

Third Place
Dave Weatherwax
The Herald

First Place
Paul Hansen
Dagens Nyheter

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May 2012. The water in the Oslo fjord is already 17 degrees Celsius. A bunch of mopeds are parked along the beach road. On a small disposable grill there are a half a dozen hot dogs turning black. Elise sits on a blanket, surrounded by her friends. Summer break is just around the corner. Elises best friend Silje is parked in her lap. The sound of seagulls is mixed with laughter. On her neck, Elise has tattooed four small stars, one for every member of the family. On one side of her chest she has made another tattoo. It is the first words of the memorial song that was sung during the official memorial ceremony at Oslo City hall august 21st. The past year since the massacre has been a emotional roller coaster ride. But the downturns are not as deep and long as before. There is life. Her mother Aina feels somewhat calmer. “Now we know that the road back to life exists, it is not straight, it is full of pitfalls. But it is there.



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