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First Place
Paul Hansen
Dagens Nyheter

Second Place
Damon Winter
The New York Times

Third Place
Dave Weatherwax
The Herald

First Place
Paul Hansen
Dagens Nyheter

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Elise Myhrer’s way back to life after the mass murder on Utøya in Norway. The terrorist attack in Norway on july 22nd 2011 seventy seven people were killed. Elise Myhrer was not one of them. But if she had made a left turn when she fled from the massmurderer Anders Behring Breivik she would probably have been killed just like the other seventeen young people that tried to hide behind the small water station on the island of Utøya. For Elise the year after the massacre has been a brutal emotional rollercoaster. But the valleys have started not to be so deep as before. But she still have problems sleeping. As soon as she tries the memories come back. The smell of blood, the screams.


The sundrenched fields go on for miles around the Church in Våler but nothing is as it should be. Together with her best friend and family Elise Myhrer slowly makes her way to a memorial ceremony for a neighbor that has been killed in the Norwegian massacre executed by Anders Behring Breivik on July 22nd. That was one week ago. Elise’s mother Aina sees how her daughter suffers and fights. The nights are the worst. As soon as she falls asleep Elise again hears gunfire, can smell the blood. Again. She cannot sleep, she doesn´t want to.



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