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First Place
Paul Hansen
Dagens Nyheter

Second Place
Damon Winter
The New York Times

Third Place
Dave Weatherwax
The Herald

First Place
Paul Hansen
Dagens Nyheter

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The sound of death hums in the sky. Suddenly a large explosion rips through the street followed by a deafening silence. An unmanned drone has fired a missile. Then it begins, a cacophony of sounds, whaling sirens, screams and honking cars. People rush forward to the site of the latest attack. After provocations by Hamas with rockets being fired towards Israel and targeted assassinations by Israel in the Gaza strip – the hostilities escalated rapidly with hundreds of victims. A vast majority of the dead and injured are civilians. More than half of them are women and children.


The ambulance staff cleans the stretchers outside a burning media center in Gaza City. The stretchers will soon be used again. Dead and injured has already been evacuated from the building but more remains. Israeli missiles have destroyed large parts of the building and plumes of thick smoke surrounds the structure. The Israeli military response to the multitude of rocket fired towards Israel by Hamas after the killing of their leader Ahmed Said Khalil al-Jabari is massive. The hospitals of Gaza are filled with injured people, most of them civilans, and the number of dead and injured increase hour by hour.



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