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Category: Portrait

First Place

Mary Gelman / Freelance
“Alyona and Sasha”

Second Place

Paul Hansen / Dagens Nyheter
“Tears of Congo”

Third Place

Tsang Kwok Chung / South China Morning Post
“Run The Runtlet”

Award of Excellence

Tariq Zaidi / Freelance
“Natan at home”

Award of Excellence

John Wessels / Freelance

Award of Excellence

Adrian Catu / Freelance

Award of Excellence

Elif Öztürk / Anadolu Agency
“Kalapo Boarding School”

Award of Excellence: Adrian Catu / Freelance

Award of Excellence


Patric Kolosvary is putting on his t-shirt on his 11th birthday, 3 weeks after undergoing a surgery to correct his heart malformation. He is just one of the tens of thousands children in this situation across Romania: 1,200 new cases are diagnosed each year. But just 500 cases can be operated every year because the lack of specialised paediatric heart surgeons. Patric was lucky: a local NGO arranged for a UK surgical team to come and operate him and several other children.