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Brenda Ann Kenneally Freelance
"Upstate Girls"

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"Stacy at 6 Months" Stacy is Dana and Jessica's 20 year old sister. The girls share the same mother but have different fathers. None of the girls have lived in the same house with their mother since they were small. Stacey came to Troy to be near her sisters and wound up living in an abandoned building. Stacey started dating a man in Troy who neither her sisters nor their father approved of. Stacey is pregnant with the man's child and they have had a couple apartments but wound up being evicted from each. Stacy has other children from a previous relationship and has been ordered by the court to pay child support. Stacey is not able to work as the doctor says that her pregnancy is high risk and at the time of this photograph there was a warrant for Stacey's arrest for failure to pay child support.


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