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Brenda Ann Kenneally Freelance
"Upstate Girls"

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"Dana's Test Results" Kayla shows her next door neighbor and best friend Dana the results of her pregnancy test. Dana often lives at Kayla's house for long stretches and helps Kayla care for her son who is now 13 months old. Dana is pregnant and turned 18 years old 5 weeks from the time that she got her test results. Dana waited to tell her father about her pregnancy until after her birthday. Dana and her sister Jessica have been raised by their father since he conquered his alcoholism with the help of a new found Christian faith. When Dana told her father about her pregnancy he summoned the members of his church community to convince Dana to put the baby up for adoption. Dana has wanted a baby all her life and was outraged by the church's proposal. Dana moved in with her boyfriend's family across the street from her own house until her boyfriend, who is 16, got arrested for violating probation. Dana's boyfriend may not be out by the time that Dana gives birth.


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