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Brenda Ann Kenneally Freelance
"Upstate Girls"

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  "Kandice at 12" Kandice's mother says that she has always been different from the rest of her seven children. Kandice has a different father than her brothers and sisters and recently after an arguement with her brother, Kandice called her father and Kandice's mother wound up being investigated for neglect as the argument occurred while Kandice's mother was at work and the children were under the supervision of a baby sitter. Kandice's mother had to take a temporary leave of absence from her job at the Marriot to comply with the rigorous court schedule. After ten months, the end result was the court's finding the Kandice's mother was not guilty of neglect. Kandice's brother, however had to be sent to a boy's home until the court completed it's investigation. The boy, already diagnosed with ADD, experienced severe emotional trauma and in the end the upheaval was in vain.


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