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First Place

Ramon Espinosa / Associated Press
“Rescue Volunteers ”

Second Place

Tariq Zaidi / Freelance
“A policewoman stands over a body”

Third Place

Dieu Nalio Chery / Associated Press
“Ruling Party Gunfire”

Award of Excellence

Niclas Hammarström / Freelance

Award of Excellence

Wissam al-Okili / Reuters

Award of Excellence

Anas Alkharboutli / Deutsche Presse Agentur
“Airstrikes in Syria”

Award of Excellence: Niclas Hammarström / Freelance

Award of Excellence


Tall Tamr, SyriaMohammad, 13, screams out his pain. His skin almost bubbles as he is led into the hospital by his father. The staff at the hospital are trying to find a spot on the boy's body to touch and comfort without hurting him. Mohammad's father is as shocked as his son. He says that the aircraft dropped a bomb and when he carried his injured son more came. And then several more. Ras Al-Ayn, the city they fled from, is completely surrounded by Turkish-backed militia groups that do not let anyone in or out of the city. Mohammad and his father are some of the very few who succeeded.