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Category: Science & Natural History—Picture Story

First Place

Aitor Garmendia / Freelance
“Inside the Spanish pork industry: the biggest producer of pigs in Europe”

Second Place

Brent Stirton / Getty Images Reportage
“Pangolins in Crisis/African Parks Network—building reserves in crisis zones”

Third Place

Jasper Doest / National Geographic Magazine
“Meet Bob”

Award of Excellence

Katie Orlinsky / Freelance
“The Great Carbon Threat”

Award of Excellence

Ronan Donovan / Freelance
“Inside the harsh lives of wolves living at the top of the world”

Award of Excellence

Thomas Peschak / Freelance
“Sea Turtles: Surviving Despite Us”

Award of Excellence

Gabriella Demczuk / Freelance
“As The Seas Rise”

Award of Excellence

Pierpaolo Mittica / Freelance
“The Semipalatinsk Polygon, the nuclear weapons crime”

Award of Excellence

Ami Vitale / Freelance
“Racing Extinction”

Award of Excellence

“Racing Extinction”

The last male northern white rhino died, bringing the northern white rhino close to extinction. He was survived by Najin and Fatu who are too frail to maintain a pregnancy. The future of the species now rests entirely on entirely on harvesting the last eggs and creating embryos from frozen DNA.