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First Place
Joshua A. Bickel Columbia Missourian
Riding the Wave
Second Place
Marcus Yam Freelance
Third Place
Palani Mohan Reportage by Getty Images
Award of Excellence
William DeShazer Concord Monitor
Award of Excellence
Kyle Green The Roanoke Times
No Title
Award of Excellence
Mark Holtzman Freelance
Bombs away
Award of Excellence
Lucas Jackson Reuters
Award of Excellence
Mark Holtzman Freelance


A US Air Force B-2 Stealth bomber does a flyover during the National Anthem at the 95th Rose Bowl game in Pasadena, CA., on January 1, 2009. The USC Trojans beat the Penn State Nittany Lions 38-24 in front of 93,293 spectators. EDS NOTE: Photo was taken by the an aerial photographer who flies his own Cessna T206 six passanger single engine plane. He flies the plane into position and then the copilot will then hold the controls & keep it in position as he shoots the photo. The copilot will also help look for other airplanes in the area. Photo was taken at an altitude of approximately 4500 feet (which is above the restricted airspace) and at the same time he is in constant communication with the FAA.



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