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First Place
Joshua A. Bickel Columbia Missourian
Riding the Wave
Second Place
Marcus Yam Freelance
Third Place
Palani Mohan Reportage by Getty Images
Award of Excellence
William DeShazer Concord Monitor
Award of Excellence
Kyle Green The Roanoke Times
No Title
Award of Excellence
Mark Holtzman Freelance
Bombs away
Award of Excellence
Lucas Jackson Reuters
Third Place
Palani Mohan Reportage by Getty Images


Red mud Wrestlers train at a a wrestling school in Kolhapur, India. Kush is an ancient version of wrestling, some 3,000 years old. It originated in India and spread out to Iran and the Middle East. It is still practiced in pockets of India but Kolhapur in India's west is today the main centre of the art, where all the best fighters, trainers and "Achaea" or wrestling schools are to be found.



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