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POYi 68 Winners

General Division and Newspaper stories

General Division and
Freelance / Agency stories

Editing and Multimedia

Monday, Feb. 7
Feature Picture Story -

Tuesday, Feb. 8
Sports Action
Sports Feature
Winter Olympics

Wednesday, Feb. 9
Sports Picture Story
Sports Portfolio
General News

Thursday, Feb. 10
Spot News
Impact 2010
General News Picture Story

Friday, Feb. 11
Issue Reporting Picture Story -

*Community Awareness Award
*Photographer of the Year -






* Denotes premiere and/or cash award

Sunday, Feb. 13
Science/Natural History
Science/Natural History Picture Story
*Global Vision Award

Monday, Feb. 14
Portrait Series
Midterm Politics

Tuesday, Feb. 15
Feature Picture Story -
Freelance / Agency

*World Understanding Award

Wednesday, Feb. 16
Issue Reporting Pic Story -
Freelance / Agency

*Best Photography Book Award
*Photographer of the Year -
Freelance / Agency



Friday, Feb. 18
Feature Story - Newspaper Editing
Feature Story - Magazine Editing
Feature Story - Multimedia

Saturday, Feb. 19
News Story - Newspaper Editing
News Story - Magazine Editing
News Story - Multimedia
Impact 2010 - Multimedia

Sunday, Feb. 20
Issue Reporting Story -
Newspaper Editing

Issue Reporting Story -
Magazine Editing

Issue Reporting Story - Multimedia

Monday, Feb. 21
Series or Special Section -
Newspaper Editing

Series or Special Section -
Magazine Editing

Portfolio - Newspaper Editing
Portfolio - Magazine Editing
Best Use - Online Publications

Tuesday, Feb. 22
Best Use - Newspapers
Best Use - Magazines
*Documentary Project of the Year
*Multimedia Portfolio of the Year
*Angus McDougall Overall Excellence
in Editing