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First Place
Adam Pretty
Getty Images

Second Place
Corey Perrine
Augsusta Chronicle

Third Place
Patrick Smith

Award of Excellence
Wally Skalij
Los Angeles Times

Second Place
Corey Perrine
Augusta Chronicle

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A girl is mummified in mud for a split second and a man saves his beer in the belly flop competition July 10, 2010 at the Redneck Games in East Dublin, Ga. Over 2,000 came out to enjoy the games, music, food and swimming. This year marks the 16th annual hosting of the event since the 1996 Summer Olympics came to Atlanta. It has attracted thousands over the years and has been featured on TV, in magazines and newspapers around the globe. Popular events included, redneck horseshoes, armpit serenade, bobbing for pig's feet, belly flop and seed spitting competitions.

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