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Award of Excellence
Adam Nadel

"Malaria: blood,sweat, and tears"

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Judges' Special Recognition
Adam Nadel

"Malaria: blood,sweat, and tears"

Pheap Sung, mother
Kam Sot Sung

"He was sick for 3 days, had a very high fever. I would have sought help at a private clinic, but I did not have the money. The free clinic is a long way, but I decided I had to take him. I thought he might have malaria. On the way, I was very worried, thinking the problem might be big. But now I feel better, more relaxed. He looks so much better. I am thankful for the doctors here".

A mother rushes her sick son to a clinic in the back of a pick-up truck she flagged down. He recieved medical attention in time to recover from his malaria.

Malaria is easily curable, if treated early. Hundreds of thousands of children could be saved every year, if they could only receive treatment in time. This requires knowledge of malaria's early symptoms, affordable transportation for the sick, accessible public heath services, and affordable and appropriate anti-malaria medications.

Good work is being done in this area, with an estimated six million doses of ACT supplied through public health services in 2005, and eight times more given out the following year. Nevertheless, countries received only half the ACTs their public sector health facilities needed last year.



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