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First Place
Josh Meltzer Freelance
Second Place
Emilio Morenatti Associated Press
Third Place
Andy Spyra Reportage by Getty Images
Award of Excellence
Preston Gannaway The Virginian-Pilot
Award of Excellence
David Guttenfelder Associated Press
"Pink Boxers"
Award of Excellence
Kevin Tachman Freelance
"House of Xtravaganza Vogue Ball"
Award of Excellence
Alexandre Meneghini Associated Press
"Standing in Rubble"
Award of Excellence
Preston Gannaway The Virginian-Pilot


Both pregnant, Winetta Tigg, 32, (left) talks with her 17 year-old daughter (seated) about their experiences and what to expect. With them is Winetta's third child, Terrion (upper right), and neighborhood kids. Tigg's other daughter was adopted after Tigg lost custody of her. Now clean for a few months with prison and gang life behind her, Tigg spends her time working on her degree and educating parents about gang awareness. She's determined to keep her life straight and break the cycle for Terrion and her next child. "If my child doesn't trust me, he'll run to the street. The more I do better," she said, "the more they want to spend time with me."



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