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First Place
Elizabeth Kreutz


Second Place
Magnus Wennman

"Mean Machines"

Third Place
Tomasz Gudzowaty
Yours Gallery/Agentur Focus

"Urban Golf in India"

Award of Excellence
Craig Golding
Freelance for Getty Images

"The Sydney 2009 World Masters Games"

First Place
Elizabeth Kreutz


Seven time Tour de France Champion, Lance Armstrong prepares for his comeback to competitive cycling on a training ride in Austin, Texas September 6, 2008.

In September of 2008, seven time Tour de France Champion and cancer survivor, Lance Armstrong, announced his return to competitive cycling. Photojournalist, Elizabeth Kreutz, was granted exclusive access to document Lance's year long comeback with behind the scenes coverage, including intimate moments, his training regime, his struggle with a broken collarbone, time with his family, and a drug test. Nothing was off limits. Through the photos you will gain a unique perspective of one of the greatest sports athletes of all time.



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