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Jonas Bendiksen Magnum Photos / National Geographic Magazine
"Nepal's Maoist Rebellion"

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Near the Maoist hilltop strongohold village of Turmakhand, in Western Nepal, a group of the Maoist army goes on dawn patrol. Today, nearly all of rural nepal is run by the rebel communists.

The kingdom of Nepal, once thought of as a peaceful and serene retreat in the Himalayas, has over the last decade plunged into chaos and tragedy. A Maoist insurgency has shook the country since 1996, leaving the country in economic and political shambles. The civil war has cost over 12,000 lives so far, and the communist rebels and the incumbent King Gyanendra's Forces have reached a stalemate: the Maoists control most of the countryside, while the king's government are entrenched in the cities.



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