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Category: Portrait series

First Place

Robin Hammond/Freelance

"Where love is illegal"

Second Place

Asghar Khamseh/Freelance

"fire of hatred"

Third Place

Amanda Demme/New York Magazine

"Cosby: the women"

Award of Excellence

Valery Melnikov/Sputnik


Award of Excellence

Lasse Bak Mejlvang/Freelance


Award of Excellence

Felipe Dana/Associated Press

"faces of crackland"

Second Place

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"fire of hatred"

Maryam Zamani 38-year-old and Arezo Hashemi Nezhad 13-year-old Tehran residents.In 2010 while Maryam with her three daughters were sleeping,her brother's wife attacked her and her children with acid vindictively and of envy.In this event Maryam and Arezo lost their beauty completely. They had a lot of operation surgeries and still need to have.




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