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Category: Portrait series

First Place

Robin Hammond/Freelance

"Where love is illegal"

Second Place

Asghar Khamseh/Freelance

"fire of hatred"

Third Place

Amanda Demme/New York Magazine

"Cosby: the women"

Award of Excellence

Valery Melnikov/Sputnik


Award of Excellence

Lasse Bak Mejlvang/Freelance


Award of Excellence

Felipe Dana/Associated Press

"faces of crackland"

Second Place

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"fire of hatred"

Masoumeh Atai, is a 32-year-old Esfahan resident (Esfahan province is 451 km far from the south of Tehran). In 2008, she divorced her husband with one child. Two years later, she was attacked with acid by her ex-father-in-law. The reason for the acid throwing was that Masoumeh disagreed with her father-in-law to reconcile with her ex-husband. Masoumeh lost her beauty and her sight. She had a lot of surgeries and still needs more. Masoumeh’s 8-year-old son, who is really frightened of his grandfather, is now in the care of Masoumeh’s ex-father-in-law since the court awarded child’s custody to them. To gain the custody of her son, she has withdrawn complaint of her ex-father-in-law and says, “I don’t want to my son to be a victim like me.”




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