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Category: Portrait series

First Place

Robin Hammond/Freelance

"Where love is illegal"

Second Place

Asghar Khamseh/Freelance

"fire of hatred"

Third Place

Amanda Demme/New York Magazine

"Cosby: the women"

Award of Excellence

Valery Melnikov/Sputnik


Award of Excellence

Lasse Bak Mejlvang/Freelance


Award of Excellence

Felipe Dana/Associated Press

"faces of crackland"

Second Place

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"fire of hatred"

Zivar Parvin 37-year-old Sarabeleh resident (Sarabeleh is located in Ilam 650 km far from the west of Tehran) ,after her husband died ,her brother in law proposed many times that her answer was no.In the night of 9 July 2011 her brother in law with his wife threw 4 litres acid Zivar and her 18-year-old daughter Yasra when they were sleeping .This accident happened when just a week prior to Yasra’s wedding ceremony. Just 18 days after the acid attack, Yasra died. Zivar lost her beauty and her left eye completely ,she can only see weak light with her right eye. She had a lot of operation surgeries and still needs to have (the photo in her hand is Zivar before acid attack).




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