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Second Place
Carol Guzy
The Washington Post


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Second Place


"She floated away like a dove ... Two beautiful doves coming to get her sister. And they flew off together." -Thelma Mobley.

Birds fly past the pink cascade of flowers on Classie's grave at Cedar Hill Cemetery in MD. The hospice chaplain believed there would be much dancing in heaven where she will now sleep in the eternal embrace of her beloved sister. "It's hard to imagine heaven if you are all alone," he said. As her funeral flowers withered gently like she did, fragile sprigs of new grass broke through the parched cracked earth. The circle of life, complete.

Rozzie Laney
October 28, 1916 - December 31, 2008

Classie Morant
August 29, 1904 - June 10, 2009



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