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Second Place
Carol Guzy
The Washington Post


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Second Place


"Nobody but me now Lord ... All my friends died. All of them." -Classie

Caregiver Ann White explained "She got up and looked at the door and said, 'That's Roz!' Well, I said OK, but she can't take you yet." Classie felt the need to look out the back door ever since her vision of Roz there. Hospice chaplain Rev. Robbie Wellington explained it is not uncommon for them to see people that are already gone. They are not delusional or reeling from medications and it is a common sign of approaching end of life. "And for all we know, they could be calling her to the other side, to that place of rest and peace," he said. In the room you could hear Classie whisper, "Please Roz. Have mercy on me Lord." She began sleeping on Rozzie's bed the evening she passed away, feeling closer to her departed sister.



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