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Second Place
Dalhoff Casper Jyllands-Posten

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The Princess and the Pea: Rosas bed is hidden under piles of clothes, but she has not slept on the mattress for a long time. She feels just like the Princess and the pea. Rosa loves to pick rags and other things. Several times a day, she goes out with an empty walker only to return with the walker full of old rags a few hours later. Within a year Rosa manages to fill hundreds of bags of clothes, paintings and other things. The staff members are not allowed access to Rosas room as she knows she will be in trouble if they find out how many things she has collected. The day after the picture was taken, the fire department came and ordered Rosas room emptied immediately due to the danger of fire. A large industrial container was filled with Rosas belongings while staff members tried to comfort Rosa with a beer or two at the local pub.


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