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Second Place
Dalhoff Casper Jyllands-Posten

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The population of Denmark are 5 million people. 200.000 are in a way or another addicted to alcohol. E-huset, a nursing home for socially unadapted alcoholics in Copenhagen, Denmark, fund by the local government. 39 people from the age of 45 and well into their eighties live in E-huset. Everyone is highly addicted to alcohol and has given up the fight of getting out of the addiction. All walks of life are represented in E-huset, and every person has his or her own story about what it feels like to let someone down or to be let down yourself. It is up to the staff members of E-huset to give the residents a kind of sanctuary and a life with as much love and care as possible. Alcohol is found in every corner of E-huset. The staff members help the residents administer their money in order for them not to spend every penny on one party. It is important for the residents to have their daily intake of alcohol. Otherwise they will experience withdrawal symptoms and become seriously mentally and physically ill.At 9.15 am the daily ration of money is handed out. Most of the residents receive between 6 and 20 € a day. When they have received their money, the residents go to the local shop and fill up bags and walkers with beer, wine and maybe a bottle of booze. At home in E-huset many of the residents meet in the common room to drink their daily ration of 10 to 30 bottles of beer. Here, they can play pool, watch a movie on the giant TV screen, throw dice of simply drink their beer together with the other residents. In many ways, the common room resembles a pub. Happiness – discussions, love and hatred towards one another.
Leif has been put to bed in his room and is ready for the night. It takes two staff members to put him to bed. A long life with alcohol leaves its marks on any person. Leifs legs have been amputated, and he is chained to his wheelchair.


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