POYi 75 Winners


Please review the Winners' List to make sure we have your name and affiliation as you wish it to appear.  We will rely on this Winners' List to engrave the awards.  Please send an email to info@poyi.org by Friday, March 18 with any adjustments to the Winners' List.  The website lists the credits as they were submitted upon entry. We are committed to listing complete credits and full affiliations.  Also we will make any necessary adjustments in titles or organization branding. Email: info@poyi.org

News Division

Monday, Feb. 5
Spot News
General News

Tuesday, Feb. 6

Wednesday, Feb. 7
Portrait Series

Thursday, Feb. 8
General News
Spot News
Impact – Islamic State

Friday, Feb. 9
Newspaper Local Picture Story
Newspaper Photographer of the Year

Sports Division

Saturday, Feb. 10
Sports Feature
Sports Action

Sunday, Feb. 11
Recreational Sports
Olympics Action
Olympics Feature

Monday, Feb. 12
Sports Picture Story
Sports Photographer of the Year


Reportage Division

Wednesday, Feb. 14
Science & Natural History
Science & Natural History Picture Story
Environmental Vision Award

Thursday, Feb. 15
News Picture Story
Issue Reporting Picture Story

Friday, Feb. 16
Feature Picture Story
Community Awareness Award

Saturday, Feb. 17
World Understanding Award
Photographer of the Year
Best Photography Book Award


Visual Editing Division

Monday, Feb. 19
Multimedia Feature Story
Online Feature Story Editing
Print Magazine/ Media Visual Editing

Tuesday, Feb. 20
Multimedia News & Issue Reporting Story
Online News & Issue Story Editing
Print Newspaper Visual Editing

Wednesday, Feb. 21
Documentary Journalism
Documentary Project of the Year

Thursday, Feb. 22
Newspaper Visual Editor of the Year
Magazine / Media Visual Editor of the Year
Multimedia Photographer of the Year
Angus McDougall Overall Excellence in Editing Awards