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First Place
Natacha Pisarenko/Associated Press
"Standing in the Doorway"

Second Place
Neil Aldridge/Freelance
"Waiting For Freedom"

Third Place
Trevor Frost/Freelance
"Darkness Means Danger"

Award of Excellence
Michael Patrick O'Neill/Freelancel
"Flying Fish in Motion"

Award of Excellence
Daniel Beltra/Freelancel
"Amazon River"


Third Place

"Darkness Means Danger"

When darkness approaches, gelada monkeys become very anxious, and they have reason to do so, for that is when predators like leopards, hyenas, and feral dogs are found wandering the high altitude plateaus on which geladas live. For some period of time, just as darkness is settling in, geladas will group together as seen here, both a way of keeping warm and keeping all eyes on their surroundings. Guassa Community Conservation Area, Menz Region, Ethiopia, Africa.