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Category: Sports Feature

First Place
"Presidio Modelo"

Second Place
"Rockets Fan"

Third Place
"Kona Honu"

Award of Excellence

Award of Excellence

Award of Excellence
"5A Softball Champions"


Award of Excellence


A torero, member of a matadors's quadrilla, in full traditional attire waits for the start of "paseo" , (the ceremonial entering of the bullring) before the beginning of the corrida. These toreros, sometime referred to as peones (peons), assist the matador in the corrida by placing banderillas, and diverting the bull as needed by the matador.

This torero (bullfighter) adjusts his ceremonial capote de paseo while a woman standing in the doorway of the Plaza de Toros' chapel waits for the the bullfighters to start their entry into the bullring in Pamplona, Spain.



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