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Category: Sports Action

First Place
Bjorn Steinar Delebekk/Verdens Gang (VG)
"Gaping Wall"

Second Place
Roman Vondrous/Czech News Agency
"Horse race drama"

Third Place
Carlos M. Saavedra/Sports Illustrated
"Patriots vs. Bills"

Award of Excellence
Matthias Hangst/Getty Images
"Uneven Bar"

Award of Excellence
Thomas Eisenhuth/ZUMA Press
"Face Time"

Award of Excellence
Al Bello/Getty Images
"Open Water"

Award of Excellence
Javid Nikpour/Freelance


First Place

"Gaping Wall"

Malm goalkeeper Johan Wiland throws himself to the left, but he's to late. He has to watch as Brazilian winger Lucas Mouras ball from a 20 yard free-kick passes his gloves and into the net for Paris Saint-Germain. Pa Konate, Franz Brorsson, Rasmus Bengtsson, Jo Inge Berget and Oscar Lewicki in the Swedish wall are all gaping spectators as Moura and Zlatan Ibrahimovich sees the Brazilians training pay divident. Ibrahimovich had scored from the same angle in earlier matches, and there weren't few that thought he was going to score this one as well. However, the Swede stepped back and let the Brazilian steal the show.



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