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Category: Portrait series

First Place

Robin Hammond/Freelance

"Where love is illegal"

Second Place

Asghar Khamseh/Freelance

"fire of hatred"

Third Place

Amanda Demme/New York Magazine

"Cosby: the women"

Award of Excellence

Valery Melnikov/Sputnik


Award of Excellence

Lasse Bak Mejlvang/Freelance


Award of Excellence

Felipe Dana/Associated Press

"faces of crackland"

Award of Excellence

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Arne Bielefeldt, 50, USA

Category: Full beard freestyle

“I started growing my beard in my youth as an activist. Back then it was only a matter of length. Normally the beard is not like this. On a normal day it would just be a long beard going to my navel. I always do the styling my self. I use six hours to set it like this. Six hours with cheap hair spray and a hairdryer, and then you have this result.”




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