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Category: Doucmentary Project of the Year

Tim Matsui
"The Long Night"

Judges' Special Recognition
Joe Amon,
Mahala Gaylord,
Meghan Lyden and
Tim Rasmussen
The Denver Post
"Homeless Students"

Judges' Special Recognition
Dai Sugano and Karen De Sa
Mercury News
"Drugging our kids"

Tim Matsui

"The Long Night"

Link to project.
It's 2010.
Tom and Nacole's daughter is missing. She's run away from the home they built for her.
Within 48 hours she'll be forced into a life of prostitution.
It's 2007.
Lisa is 13 years old and on the streets. She needs to find a way to survive.
She'll spend the next six years trying to cope with that decision.
It's 2005.
Andy is arresting a girl for the second time. Frustrated, he asks her "Why?"



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