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Category: Sports Feature

First Place
Robert Sabo
New York Daily News
"Out With a Bang"
Second Place
Cameron Spencer
Getty Images
"Rain Dance"
Third Place
Ricky Carioti
The Washington Post
"The Boxer"
Award of Excellence
Rob Tringali
"The Final Entrance"
Award of Excellence
Matthias Hangst
Getty Images
Award of Excellence
Niklas Larsson
BildbyrÄn i HÀssleholm
"World Cup Tears"
Award of Excellence
Mike Segar
"Unplayable Lie"

Award of Excellence
Niklas Larsson
Bildbyrån i Hässleholm

"World Cup Tears"

The Soccer World Cup in Brazil was a huge disappointment for the home team. Thousands of dedicated Brazilian soccer supporter cries while they watch Brazil loose against Germany in the semifinal on a big screen TV in Rio de Janeiro. The result 1-7 was the largest fiasco in soccer history in Brazil.



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