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Science & Natural History Picture Story

First Place
Javier Arcenillas

Second Place
Johnny Haglund
"The earth is on fire"

Third Place
Stuart Palley
"Fires at Night"

Award of Excellence
Daniel Beltra

"Iceland Melts Away"

Second Place Johnny Haglund

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"The earth is on fire"

In Jharia, India, the underground coal has been burning for more than 80 years – some say more than 100 years – and it is still burning. Actually, it has never been worse than now. The earth is literary on fire. Whole mountains are burning, houses disappear and people are dying. Thousands of people are living on land that is in danger of collapsing due to the fire. The fumes from the fires are also a huge health hazard to the inhabitants. Many people work in and around the big coal mines and collect coal illegally. Every year some of them die, but they are afraid to report this to the police. Since what they are doing is not allowed they risk being arrested when talking to the police.



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