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First Place

Second Place
"Losing Victoria"

Third Place
"Arctic Outposts"

Award of Excellence
"Beating Cancer"

Award of Excellence

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"Beating Cancer"

40-year-old Lene Palfelt shaves her head. She removes the thin, frizzy hair that has grown after the chemotherapy treatments. “To the disappointment of my oldest daughter I chose not to wear a wig. She couldn’t imagine her mother without hair. It is a matter of temperament, but I just couldn’t. It is no secret that I have had cancer and a wig for me rarely looks natural. So I was beautiful and bald. When you do not have hair, eyebrows or eyelashes you really don’t look healthy. All features of the face disappear and you almost become an androgynous creature to look at. So I have never worn as much makeup as I did while I was sick. I needed to look good.”




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