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First Place
"Liberia Ebola"

Second Place

Third Place
"A Story of a Last-Minute Act of Forgiveness"

Award of Excellence
"Central African Republic – Inferno"

Award of Excellence
"Cold war in Ukraine"

Award of Excellence
"Flight from Rage: Conflict in the Central African Republic"

Award of Excellence
"Helicopter Crash on Mount Sinjar"

Award of Excellence

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"Cold war in Ukraine"

Victorious Russian rebels congratulate each other after a successful attack on the Ukranian army. Shortly after the presidential victory of Petro Porosjenko the Kiev controlled army launched an all out attack in the Donbass area. A move that for a while pushed back the Pro Russian rebels significantly. However, after massive Russian aid, military and otherwise, the rebels pushed back. In spite of the recent ceasefire agreement the war continues with people being killed almost every day.



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