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Category: News picture story

First Place
"Liberia Ebola"

Second Place

Third Place
"A Story of a Last-Minute Act of Forgiveness"

Award of Excellence
"Central African Republic – Inferno"

Award of Excellence
"Cold war in Ukraine"

Award of Excellence
"Flight from Rage: Conflict in the Central African Republic"

Award of Excellence
"Helicopter Crash on Mount Sinjar"

Award of Excellence

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"Cold war in Ukraine"

In rebel controlled Donetsk the school years start one month later than normal. In school number 57 parents, teachers and students have gathered when a Grad rocket eplodes. A secutiry guard, a parent and the biology teacher Andrej Grebjonkin are killed. When the staff calls Andrejs wife Natalja he is still alive. When she, together with her brother Pavel, makes it to the school she finds her husband dead.



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