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Carolyn Cole
Los Angeles Times


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"YOUNG VETERAN" Anour Issack, 17, of the Sudan Liberation Army has been a rebel fighter for five years. The veteran is now helping train new recruits at a desert camp inside Chad. It is the first SLA training camp positioned inside Chad.

Darfur Conflict Reachs Into Chad The war in Darfur has spilled over into eastern Chad, a country with many problems of its own. Attacks on Chad villages, like those in Sudan, by Janjaweed and their sympathizers have left hundreds dead and caused thousands to flee their villages. Displaced Chadians do not receive food assistance from relief workers who do not want them to become dependent on aid. Many end up in temporary camps close to Sudanese refugees where they put an even heavier burden on limited resources like land, water and food. In addition, members of the Sudanese Liberation Army are now being trained at a camp inside Chad. Despite hopes of a peace agreement, the war continues to spread.


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