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Jan Dagø Jyllands-Posten/World Picture Network

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Market scene from Sofia Russian buildings still a reminder of soviet influence in the country.

Romania and Bulgaria entered the European Union 1.1.07. Romania and Bulgaria became new members of the European union on the 1.1.07. The union now is consisting of 27 members and 480 million people. The two new members have been through turmoil during history. Romania is still marked by their diseased dictator Nicolae CeausescuÍs and his surreal leadership. Many countries have also been affecting Romania and Bulgaria's development and the mindset of the population. The different involvement from other countries has left the two countries and the populations in a state of divide about what will happen to them when they enter the European union. Some fear that it will be a repetition of history, others are hopeful that the wealth of the other members will have a positive effect on the situation. Life is already hard for the population in both countries. This makes it a nervous time of mixed hopes and fears of what will come for the people of Romania and Bulgaria.



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