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'Kalari payattu' literally means 'combat on the training ground' in Sanskrit. This ancient martial art from southern India, which originated around the 400 AD, includes both armed and unarmed techniques in which punches, kicks and strikes are directed toward 108 vital points of the human body. Every duel turns into a spectacle with perfect turns and amazingly high jumps. Provided that a kalari adept at the second of the five stages of initiation can deliver about one hundred blows a minute, the weapons used like a double horned dagger or an 's' shaped stick - are potentially lethal. Mercifully, the student is allowed to learn the inner mysteries and the most deadly blows only after he receives the full confidence of his guru who must feel certain this knowledge will never be misused. The practitioners believe that kalari is the mother of all martial arts, which is backed up by the fact that Bodhidharma, the inventor of kung fu and founder of the famous Shaolin monastery in China, was born in southern India. The pictures feature the masters from P. Vasudevan Gurukkal's C.V.N Kelari Kollam healing centre, where kalari payattu is practiced as a body and mind exercise.


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