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First Place
Paul Nicklen National Geographic
"Leopard Seal "
Second Place
Kemal Jufri IMAJI/Polaris Images
"Turbulent Eruptions"
Third Place
Jeffrey F. Bill The Baltimore Sun
"Polar Bear Plunge"
Award of Excellence
Tom Fox The Dallas Morning News
"Last Flight Out"
Award of Excellence
David Guttenfelder Associated Press
Award of Excellence
Rick Loomis The Los Angeles Times
"Fairy in Flight"
Award of Excellence
Per-Anders Pettersson Getty Images
Award of Excellence
Milan Radisics Freelance
"Solar Eclipse from Apajpuszta"
Award of Excellence
Bob Sacha Freelance
First Place
Paul NicklenNational Geographic
"Leopard Seal " A leopard seal was frustrated that I would not accept her offered penguin. Blowing bubbles is a threat display but she never appeared aggressive. Leopard seals have killed a human and attacked others. I wanted to prove that all leopard seals are not dangerous. The death of the scientist was an isolated and unfortunate incident, I believe.


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