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Seamus Murphy AWP / Newsweek / The New York Times Magazine
"Afghanistan's Search for Peace"

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"Girl in Ghulam Ali" A young girl in Ghulam Ali, a village on the Shamali Plain. Fighting between Northern Alliance and Taliban, along with massive US airstrikes in the wake of September 11 made the plain an extremely dangerous place to live. November 2001.

Afghanistan 1994-2004: in Search of Peace

The last ten years in Afghanistan have seen tumultuous events, even by the standards of that country's history. 1994 saw the continuing escalation of a brutal civil war ,allowed to fester as a legacy of a redundant Cold War; and the emergence of the Taliban. But as crucible to Al Qaeda, the country later became the arena for 9/11 retribution, and once again briefly held centre stage. In the afterglow of a successful election in October 2004, what can we say we know of the Afghans themselves, beyond the erratic headlines. The ethnic patchwork of Afghanistan is the result of great historical movements, avarice and the country's strategic geography. Understanding this cultural diversity will be a crucial factor in any hope for lasting peace. These people, now emerging from 25 years of constant war, have been witness to much of mans folly .The Afghan people lived their lives through these 10 years as they always have done through their history : at once both the victims and ultimate survivors of their own fate.



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