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Category: Magazine News Issue Story Editing

First Place
Kim Hubbard, John Baxter & John Stanmeyer/National Geographic
Fleeing Terror, Finding Refuge
Second Place
Senior Photo Editor Pam Chen, Director of Photography Sarah Leen, Photographer Carolyn Drake & Design Director David Whitmore/National Geographic
Sins of the Aral Sea
Third Place
Director of Photography Sarah Leen, Photographer Gideon Mendell & Designer Hannah Tak/National Geographic
Drowning World
Award of Excellence
Robert Csere, Creative Director; Vladimira Pcolova, Picture Editor; Alex Majoli, Photographer


Award of Excellence
Kurt Mutchler, David Whitmore & Pete Muller/National Geographic
Stalking A Killer
Award of Excellence
New York Magazine
Thirty-Five Women, On These Pages Alone
Award of Excellence
David Miller & Kathy Andrisevic/Pacific NW, Seattle Times



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