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First Place
Akos Stiller


Second Place
Spenser Heaps
Daily Herald

"Losing Victoria"

Third Place
Mads Nissen
Panos Pictures

"Arctic Outposts"

Award of Excellence
Thomas Lekfeldt

"Beating Cancer"

Award of Excellence
Thomas Lekfeldt

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"Beating Cancer"

Lene Palfelt sits in the car on her way to a chemotherapy treatment. "When I look back the afternoon when I had my preliminary diagnosis was the worst moment through this whole process. I had gone to a private clinic alone to have my breasts scanned. I had a clear idea that I was only going to be scanned. At no point did I think I was going to get any kind of diagnosis. I still lay there with my breasts exposed when the doctor matter-of-factly said: "The right breast shows signs of cell changes. It looks like breast cancer.




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