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First Place
Akos Stiller


Second Place
Spenser Heaps
Daily Herald

"Losing Victoria"

Third Place
Mads Nissen
Panos Pictures

"Arctic Outposts"

Award of Excellence
Thomas Lekfeldt

"Beating Cancer"

Award of Excellence
Thomas Lekfeldt

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"Beating Cancer"

Lene, her husband Simon and their three daughters are getting ready in the morning. The children are going to kindergarten and school and Lene is going to the hospital for a chemotherapy treatment. “When I came to terms with my diagnosis of stage 2 breast cancer we mentioned the word “cancer” to our daughters for the first time. They needed to understand why my hair was going to fall off. “Are you going to die like granddad,” 7-year-old Sarah asked, and I replied that granddad had cancer in the stomach. This was cancer in the breast. “Oh, then it is a different thing,” she reasoned herself. I also told them that the medicine would make me so tired that dad and grandma would take them to kindergarten and school and back. And that I sometimes would be gone for a few days. I could say the whole thing without crying, and I think in many ways that the sad part was over and done with when we had had that talk.”




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