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Alfonso Moral Cosmos/Pandora
"Palestinian refugees in Lebanon"

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In Lebanon the Palestinian refugees issue in the country still is uncertain. More than 400.000 refugees live in Lebanon without nationality. Four generations of families live since 1948 in 12 refugee camps all around Lebanon. Now the camps are like poor suburbs in the mains cities in Lebanon, like Beirut, Tripoli or Tyr. In some cases the population in the camps is about 80,000 inhabitants, and they can not build houses outside the camps with the same space since 1948. For this reason the houses of the refugees are building without any kind of security. Young people can not have access to the Lebanese society in terms of work or education. The total number of Palestinians refugees in the middle east according to UN information can exceed four million people. The problem of the exiles is left of side in the negotiations between Israel and the welcome countries of the refugees. The Palestinians refugees continue in this alone way of exile and, as times goes by they are more unprotected. What I want to show in my pictures is the conditions of life in the refugees camps in Lebanon, and still the relation between the place that the refugees are originally in Palestine and the strong idea of the Palestinians to come back.


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