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Javier Manzano Rocky Mountain News
"Holly Tornado

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At approximately 7:57 p.m., on March 27th, 2007, an EFE 3 tornado tore a 600 foot swath of destruction through the small southeastern town of Holly, Colorado. This town of approximately 1000 people received no prior warning from weather forecasters. Thirty-two homes were destroyed and dozens of families became homeless overnight. The resilience and strength of this community came into play, as family, friends and neighbors joined in to help in the reconstruction efforts. (from left) After Wednesday's tornado, Annalee Cathcart makes a list of the items that were rescued from her home with the help of Bridget Johnson, a close family friend. Her home on Highland St. in Holly Colorado got severely damaged from Wednesday's tornado, and her insurance company came over to survey the damage. Her house is condemned to be torn down, as she spends her las few minutes in her home of 30 years. March 29th, 2007.


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