General Division / Spot News

First Place J. Pat Carter, The Associated Press, "Tornado"
Second Place Lefteris Pitarakis, The Associated Press, "Protester On Fire"
Third Place George Kochaniec Jr, The Denver Rocky Mountain News, "Heartbreak"
Award of Excellence David Bohrer, The Los Angeles Times, "Tiny Targets"
Award of Excellence Andres Leighton, The Associated Press, "Flood Evacuation"
Award of Excellence Allen J. Schaben, The Los AngelesTimes, Orange County Edition, "Protest Turns Violent"
Award of Excellence Nuri Vallbona, The Miami Herald, "Dive to Freedom"


General Division / General News

First Place Teak Phillips, The St Louis Post-Dispatch, "Tension in Decatur"
Second Place Jim Hollander, Reuters, "Mass Prayer"
Third Place Michael Barkin, University of Washington, "Arrested"
Award of Excellence Lynsey Addario, Freelance, "Midnight Mass"
Award of Excellence Paul Joseph Brown, The Seattle Post - Intelligencer, "Rubber Bullets"
Award of Excellence Michael S Wirtz, The Philadelphia Inquirer, "Translating"


General Division / Science/Natural History

First Place Ensign John Gay, US Navy / Sports Illustrated, "Boom!"
Second Place Fritz Hasler, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / Newsweek, "Floyd"
Third Place Michael Clancy, Freelance / SABA Press Photos / USA Today, "Fetal Hand Grasp"
Award of Excellence John Gibbins, The San Diego Union - Tribune, "Shark Bait"
Award of Excellence Brad Graverson, The Daily Breeze, "Oil Slick and Fish"
Award of Excellence Meryl Schenker, The Seattle Post - Intelligencer, "Antarctic Encounter"
Award of Excellence Dayna Smith, The Washington Post, "Surgery for All to See"


General Division / Product Illustration

First Place Raul Rubiera, The Miami Herald, "Bob"
Second Place Jim Witmer, The Dayton Daily News, "Pears"
Third Place David Spencer, The Palm Beach Post, "Pool Fashions"
Award of Excellence Bill O'Leary, The Washington Post, "In-flight Hell"


General Division / News Picture Story

First Place Paul Joseph Brown, The Seattle Post - Intelligencer, "World Trade Organization: The Battle of Seattle"
Second Place Andrew Cutraro, The St Louis Post-Dispatch, "Blair Street Six"
Third Place John Stanmeyer, SABA Press Photos, "The Killing of Joaquim Berardino Guterres"
Award of Excellence Richard Hartog, The Los Angeles Times, "A Fight for Democracy in Little Saigon"
Award of Excellence Yannis Kontos, Corbis / Sygma, "Kurdish Demonstration"
Award of Excellence Kenneth D Lyons, The New Port News Daily Press, "Shipbuilders Strike"


General Division / Science Natural History Picture Story

First Place Les Stone, Corbis/Sygma, "Agent Orange"
Second Place Brian Plonka, The Spokesman-Review, "The New Frontier"
Third Place Jeffrey L Rotman, Freelance, "Living Color"
Award of Excellence Chien-Chi Chang, Magnum Photos, "Motala's Plight"
Award of Excellence Norbert Wu, Freelance, " Penguins: Above & Below"


General Division / Sports Portfolio

First Place Adam Pretty, Allsport
Second Place Rob Finch, The Beacon-News / Copley Chicago Newspapers
Third Place Eric J Larson, The Sun -Sentinel
Award of Excellence Allen J Schaben, The Los Angeles Times