Newspaper Photographer of the Year

First Place Rob Finch, The Beacon-News / Copley Chicago Newspapers
Second Place Eugene Garcia, The Orange County Register
Third Place Kenneth D.Lyons, The Daily Press

Magazine Photographer of the Year

First Place John Stanmeyer, SABA Press Photos / TIME
Second Place Yunghi Kim, Freelance / Contact Press Images / US News & World Report
Third Place Vincent J Musi, Freelance / National Geographic

Canon Photo Essay

First Place Kari Rene Hall, Freelance, "Henry: An Unlikely Hero"
Judges' Special Recognition Donna De Cesare, SABA Press Photos, "From Civil War to Gang War: LA Gangs in El Salvador"
Judges' Special Recognition Carol Guzy, The Washington Post, "Abandoned"
Judges' Special Recognition Joachim Ladefoged, Freelance / Network Photographers, "Kosovo"

Fuji Community Awareness Award

First Place

Brenda Ann Kenneally, Freelance, "Real Life Stories From the Hip Hop Generation: Money, Power, Respect - The Legacy of Crack Cocaine"

Angus McDougall Award for Excellence in Editing

  The Spokesman - Review


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Winners -Magazine Division

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