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First Place
Paul Hansen
Dagens Nyheter

Second Place
Damon Winter
The New York Times

Third Place
Dave Weatherwax
The Herald

Third Place
Dave Weatherwax
The Herald

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It's never easy for a family to move a loved one into a nursing home, even if it's for the best for everyone. This the story of moving from home to nursing home. Judy Schmetzer, who battles memory loss caused by Alzheimer's disease and declining vision caused by a stroke in 2009, had spent the last couple years receiving personal care while living with her brother Randy Boehm and his wife, Virginia. As Judy's needs began to grow, the Boehms, with Judy's input, decided she needed to live in an environment that could better fulfill her needs.


Judy Schmetzer took a seat on the couch in the living room of the Holland home of her brother Randy Boehm while her then-caretaker Michaela Daugherty of Huntingburg and Randy carried Judy’s belongings to the car to move her to The Waters of Huntingburg. Judy had been living with her brother and his wife, Virginia, since 2009, a time when she could no longer live alone because her Alzheimer’s disease and vision were worsening. But as Virginia’s own battle with colon cancer worsened as well, the couple had to make the tough decision to place Judy where her increasing need for assistance could be met.



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