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Carolyn Cole
Los Angeles Times


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"LIFELESS" The lifeless bodies of children killed by the Israeli bombing of Qana are rushed from the scene to waiting ambulances. At least 16 children were killed in the July 30th attack on Qana.

Israeli-Hezbollah Conflict July 12th, 2006 marked the beginning of a month-long battle between the Israeli military and Hezbollah forces after their abduction of two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border attack. Few anticipated the intensity of the conflict as Israel responded with massive air strikes on Lebanon. Roads and bridges were destroyed blocking the passage of many as they tried to flee the south. The sick, elderly, and poor were trapped in a nightmare, some without medicine, food or water. In the end, 1,100 Lebanese civilians and 44 Israeli civilians were killed, along with hundreds of fighters on both sides. Although the buildings can be rebuilt, the human suffering and loss will remain.


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