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Damon Winter Los Angeles Times
"Seeds of Wrath"

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"Artillery" An Israeli soldier bears the blast from a mobile artillery unit firing into southern Lebanon as he waits to reload the next round from a position on the Lebanese border Tuesday, August 8, 2006. Israel maintained pressure on Hezbollah positions with artillery and airstrikes in support of its ground forces, one month into the conflict.

"Seeds of Wrath" For over one month Israel pounded southern Lebanon with artillery and air-strikes as Hezbollah fighters poured hundreds of Katyusha rockets over northern Israel. By the time the cease-fire agreement was in place nothing had been gained aside from massive civilian casualties and extensive destruction of civilian infrastructure. Hezbollah had gained favor in the Arab world for having stood up to the Middle East's military behemoth. The captured Israeli soldiers, the apparent flashpoint for the conflict, were never recovered.



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